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Nicola’s egg: when Food Design meets Cooking Separately

nicola's egg
nicola's egg
nicola's egg

I have a very creative nephew; his name is Nicola. Recently he told me of one of his inventions, which he had prepared using the round pastry rings we had given him as a present. It was both simple and brilliant. How to cook an egg with buttery croutons…all at the same time.

Take a slice of white sandwich bread, and use a pastry ring to cut a round hole in the middle. In the meanwhile, melt plenty of butter in an iron (or non-stick) pan over low heat. Once the butter stops foaming, add the bread to the pan and brown it on both sides over low heat (the round piece of bread you cut out from the centre of the slice as well). When you’ve browned both sides, place the egg white at the centre of the hole. Once the egg white is almost completely solid, lay the yolk on top and wait for it to heat up.

Use a knuckle to test the yolk’s temperature; when it’s hot, it’s ready. Serve, and when you bite into the yolk use the crouton made with the hole in the bread to wipe the plate….
Nicola’s creation is extraordinarily simple and delicious!

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